What Can Affect My Roof’s Lifespan?

A good-quality roof atop your home can last for 25 to 50 years before needing replacement. Your roof serves to protect the structure and interior of your house. It also keeps your home insulated from threats like weather phenomena and extreme temperatures.

You might take your durable roof for granted because it can endure for so many years. But you might not know that certain contributors may make your roof deteriorate at a faster rate. Read on to learn about three factors that may lead to issues that can affect the lifespan of your roof.

What Can Affect My Roof's Lifespan

Poor Attic Ventilation

If your home has an attic, this room directly under your roof should feature proper ventilation. This will entail vents in the roof or gables or fans within the attic. Ventilation ensures this area of your home receives the airflow it needs. This can prevent irregular temperature fluctuations, moisture build-up, and more.

Without this ventilation, your roof could be in danger. Moisture from condensation or weather damage will accumulate in the vulnerable underlying layer of the roof. The water can breed mildew or mold, encourage rot to spread within the roof’s foundation, and cause metal equipment within the roof to rust.

This deterioration of the roof’s structure may lead to premature damages that will require extensive replacement of your roofing. If your attic seems overly hot or cold, or you see signs of water damage, prioritize installing good ventilation in this part of your home.

Impact from Debris

Accidents can happen to the best of us. If debris strikes your roof due to bad weather, this is not always avoidable. But even small signs of damage to your roof, like loose or broken shingles, create vulnerable areas that make your roof prone to further harm. You can lower your risk of impact damage from debris by paying attention to the surroundings of your house.

If you live near trees, keep an eye on its branches. If they seem weak and likely to break, you may want to call a professional to take care of the issue before the landscaping can damage your roof. Call a roofing contractor to handle roof repairs in a timely fashion to reduce your need for a full replacement before its time.

Lack of Routine Roof Maintenance

Though you can look forward to a long lifespan of your roof, you must still take care of it regularly in order to maximize its longevity. This means practicing routine maintenance, like booking an annual inspection from a roofing professional.  

An expert roofer can look for leaks, check your chimneys, and identify early signs of damage. Then they can fix these issues in a timely fashion before they worsen and require more extensive repair work or replacement.

Proper roof maintenance should also involve washing your roof and removing debris. Check and clean your gutters too to avoid moisture damage and other structural roofing issues. Learn more by consulting with your local roofing company today.