How to Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

The siding on your house performs dual purposes of protecting your home from outdoor elements while also enhancing your home’s appearance. You can accomplish both style and function when you choose vinyl siding. This material will prove durable as well as affordable, making it a popular option for many homes.

If you have vinyl siding, you can maximize its lifespan when you take care of it regularly. Prevent deterioration that could require costly repairs when you know how to care for your siding. Discover three tips from your local home improvement expert that can ensure you keep up with proper maintenance for your vinyl siding.

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

Inspect Your Siding Regularly

The primary way that you can look after your vinyl siding is to inspect it routinely. When you can, walk around the perimeter of your house and pay attention to the state of your siding. Check for signs of damage like warping, looseness, or cracks.

Moisture damage is not always as obvious in vinyl siding as with other materials, so you should inspect it fairly regularly so that you can better identify any changes or issues. You should especially inspect your siding after a storm with high winds or precipitation that could have a risk of damaging this part of your home.

If you do notice any damage to your siding, do not delay calling a home contractor to evaluate the problem and complete repair work. Damaged siding can allow moisture and other threats inside your home which can create even worse structural issues.

Wash Siding Once a Year

Because your siding exists on the outside of your house, it is subject to external elements like dirt, dust, algae, and other messes. Some siding colors will reveal grime more clearly than others, but you should wash siding annually regardless of the extent of the mess.

You can use a garden hose to carefully wash away dirt and debris from vinyl siding. If you notice more stubborn messes on your siding, you might want to consult a professional to clean the area. Pressure washers could break vinyl siding if you do not know how to operate the equipment.

Washing your siding will make your home appear clean, fresh, and beautiful. But getting rid of grime and build-up can also keep your siding strong. The process eliminates harmful particles that could otherwise weaken your siding, so do not skip this maintenance.

Touch Up Siding Paint

Exposure to direct sunlight and inclement weather can make the paint of your siding fade over time. If this happens, feel free to repaint it. Chipped paint can be a sign of siding damage, so this care for your siding can increase its lifespan.

It can be beneficial to choose a lighter paint color for vinyl siding rather than a dark one. Blacks and other dark tones will draw heat from sunlight. High levels of heat have a greater risk of damaging your siding. Give your home improvement expert a call to learn more about preventive care for vinyl siding.