3 Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom To Your Room

Most of us call them a Sunroom, but they can also be called a Solarium, Spring Room, or even a Florida Room. Sunrooms are very popular in Florida due to the warm weather and heavy popular of ‘love’ bugs during certain periods of the year. Sunrooms are beginning to pop up in our area as well and are used heavily in the spring and summer months as it helps to increase each season.

They provide extra space in the summertime, shade, and depending on how your sunroom is built, can even have entertainment such as radio or tv. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to adding a sunroom to your home as you can add a ceiling fan for cooling down, or even a wet bar to prepare drinks for your guests outside. We have listed our Top 3 benefits of adding a sunroom to your home.

Square Footage

  • Whenever you have the ability to add additional square footage to your home, you need to do so as nothing adds to the value of your home more than more square footage! A traditional addition to your home with the proper foundation can cost thousands of dollars more than a beautiful sunroom from Chesapeake Roofing.


  • Did you see an incredible sunroom on Pinterest and now have dreams about your own way to make it even better! Well, Chesapeake Roofing can make your sunroom dreams come true. Literally, anything you want in or about your sunroom can be made a reality. If you want a screened sunroom so you can smell the fresh flowers in spring or if you want windows so you can extend the summer and still enjoy your morning sunrises without freezing.

The Views

  • Imagine having outdoor furniture that we not been worn due to weather, and being able to spend time with your friends and family in the comfort of your home but still essentially being outdoors. Enjoy the views of whatever your backyard has to offer, whether it is a pool, mountain view, city view, or just a beautiful green landscape of grass. It’s yours, so you should enjoy it in comfort.

Chesapeake Roofing, Windows & Siding, Inc. is located in Annapolis, Maryland. We have more than 30 years experience in exterior home renovations, specializing in the addition of Sunrooms. Whatever your dreams desire in regards to the exterior of your home, we can help. For a free estimate, call 1-866-607-2851 or request an appointment online.