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Your home is the most important building for you and your family. You should ensure you’re protected and comfortable at home, which means keeping up with exterior renovations. Chesapeake Roofing is an Odenton, MD roofing, siding, and windows contractor. Our job is to ensure you’re safe and comfortable in your home.

odenton, md roofing, siding, and windows contractor

Repairing Your Roof

It can be a fine line between repairing or replacing your roof. As your roofing experts, we’ll ensure you make the right decision. Regular maintenance is also important to ensure your roof has the longest lifespan. Storms can damage your roof, the flashing may be worn, and there can be issues with the installation.

When you purchase a home, you don’t always know everything about the owners before. The real estate agent may say that they just replaced the roof, which may pass inspection, but it may not be quality work. A year or two into your homeownership, you may notice some problems forming. A roof repair can help extend the lifespan and correct shoddy workmanship.

When deciding between repair and replacement, there are a few things to consider. If the roof is fairly new, there are likely just a few flaws we can repair. However, if you’re unhappy with its appearance, it’s better to completely replace it. Repairing a roof can’t transform it into the roof of your dreams.

As roofing experts, we’ll give you our opinion and a free estimate. We want to ensure you get the roof that meets all your functional and aesthetic needs. You can trust us to assist you in making the right choice for your roof.

Choosing Insulated Siding

Insulated siding may be the right choice for your home if you’re concerned about energy efficiency. It starts with traditional vinyl siding, but an extra layer of foam insulation provides extra protection. Insulated siding targets thermal bridging, which usually occurs around the studs in the walls.

Foam siding helps close the gap that forms so it doesn’t waste energy. It provides more thorough coverage around the entire exterior of your home. We use this to prevent cold air from seeping into the house during winter and hot air during summer. When there are leaks in the siding, the HVAC system in your house has to work overtime, increasing energy costs.

Vinyl siding is the most affordable type, making it one of the most popular choices. It comes in many different colors and looks, making it easy to showcase your personality outside of your home. While insulated siding costs a bit more than traditional vinyl, the cost balances out as you save on energy costs throughout the lifetime of the siding.

Insulated siding has the added benefit of holding its value when you sell your home. Studies show that insulated siding gives you a 78% return on investment if you sell your house.

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