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Your home is your shelter, but it also reflects who you are. Not only do you want a stable structure that protects you from the elements, but you also want it to have personality. Chesapeake Roofing is a roofing, siding, and windows contractor in Annapolis, MD, specializing in exterior remodeling.Gutter Installation Annapolis, MD

Steep and Low-Slope Roofing

Steep roofing is most likely on your house’s main parts. You see it in residential roofing and small businesses designed to look like houses. To be a steep slope roof, it has to have a slope of 18 degrees or more. Many residential buildings have steep roofs because they’re less likely to have standing water or snow and ice buildup. It’s likely to slide right off of the roof.

Another benefit is that it indicates extra storage space. Whether it’s a crawl space, loft, or attic, a steep pitch provides space at the top of your house. Depending on the pitch, you can sometimes furnish it as an extra living space. However, one con of a pitched roof is that it’s more difficult to perform roof maintenance, making repair and labor a bit more expensive.

A low-slope roof is anything with a pitch lower than 18 degrees. You’re more likely to see this in residential buildings on porches, garages, and sunrooms – likely additions to the main house. It’s also regularly used for commercial and industrial buildings. It’s a more cost-effective option without the slope because it doesn’t require rafters and extra support.

A low-slope roof can lower heating and air conditioning costs in a closed-in space. It doesn’t have to fill as much space as with a steeper roof. However, you’re limited in materials with a low-slope roof, as you can’t use shingles. It’s also difficult when it comes to snow and ice. Since it has no steep slope, you must use snow removal methods.

Quality Gutters Make a Difference

Good gutters are an essential complement to your roof. One of the most popular gutter shapes for the Annapolis area is the K-style gutter. Many homes in the area are historical, and this design uses modern craftsmanship while giving you a historic look. The design on the front is reminiscent of crown molding. Round gutters are also prominent in historic homes.

You can choose from many different materials for gutters. Aluminum is the most popular choice. They don’t rust, stain, or crack due to wear and tear. We can also do custom lengths to ensure that they fit your home. Alcon aluminum gutters are finished with a weather-resistant coating and are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

If your house is surrounded by many trees or other brush, it can be a hassle to clean out the gutters when they’re overflowing with sticks and leaves. We offer gutter guards to keep this debris out of your gutters so rainwater can run through them smoothly.

Leaf Sentry gutter guards are aluminum and come in 16 different colors. We can attach them to your existing gutters or new gutters. They keep debris out so that seeds don’t sprout in your gutters and prevent mosquitos and other bugs from nesting in the standing water.

If you want extreme protection, Leaf Solution gutter guards are stainless steel mesh that ensures the best protection. We can use mesh with bigger openings if you have a lot of pollen or larger debris to ensure water continues flowing.

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