How Can Hail Harm My Roof?

Winter can bring harsh weather conditions to your area, like snow, sleet, and hail. This freezing precipitation can wreak havoc on your home, especially the roof of your house. Hail in particular entails solid chunks of ice falling from the sky and striking your roof.

The impact of this refrozen water can easily harm the shingles that cover your roof’s exterior. But over time, hail damage to a roof can result in further problems for your home. Find details about the impact that hail can cause on your roof and the repairs that you can anticipate from this type of damage.

How Can Hail Harm My Roof

What Type of Hail Can Damage a Roof?

Hail stones form when water molecules within a cloud cool at a rapid pace so that the frozen water collects into a clump of ice. These stones can grow larger when this process happens repeatedly and more ice accumulates together.

You can anticipate hail stones with a one-inch diameter or more will damage your roof. This size of hail will have a greater chance of denting shingles on your roof or causing even worse structural damage.

However, over time, many smaller hail stones will cause damage to your roof. For this reason, you will need to schedule routine inspections of your roof. Talk to a professional home improvement expert who can thoroughly examine your roof for signs of this gradual damage.

What Signs Indicate Hail Damage on a Roof?

Hail damage will often appear as a dent or mark on a shingle on your roof. It can make the shingle appear discolored, or you might see a crack or chip in the shingle.

Sometimes, the impact of hail can cause a shingle to bend or warp so that the ends of it seem to tear away from the roof. Heavy hail might even make a shingle fall off of the roof.

You might also find evidence that suggests your roof suffered hail damage without going to inspect your roof yourself. If you notice dings or dents on your car, garage door, painted wood shutters, or window screens after a hailstorm, then you can anticipate finding similar damage on your roof too. If you see these signs, take a look at your roof and inspect it for damage.

Why Do I Need to Repair Roof Damage Urgently?

If the shingles of your roof sustain damage due to hail, you might think you can dismiss the issue as a cosmetic problem. However, shingle damage might point to a larger structural issue that can affect the roof’s function as well as its aesthetics.

This is why a roof inspection after a hailstorm is important. Loose or damaged shingles can allow moisture to seep into the foundation of the roof. Then it can warp and damage the wood even further, which will require much more extensive and costly repairs.

Do not delay an inspection or repair job for your roof after heavy winter storms. Give your roofing contractor a call to fix your damaged roof as soon as you can.