Should I Install Skylights?

Looking for a way to brighten up your home? You can let in light without taking up wall space by installing skylights on your roof. These translucent panels reveal sunlight and air by serving as a window above your home. But how can you tell if this feature will work well in your home?

You should consult with a home improvement contractor for a firm understanding of how your roof would sustain skylights. But it may help to garner knowledge about what to expect from this roofing feature before you meet with an expert. Read on to learn details about the installation, benefits, and maintenance of skylights to determine if they will suit your home.

Should I Install Skylights

Enhance Your Home Aesthetic and Value

Many people look forward to installing skylights in their homes because they allow natural light into the space. This proves especially beneficial during the winter months when there is less daylight, and our homes can feel dark and gloomy.

Bringing sunlight into your home can also provide heating within the space. In winter, you can save on your utility bill because solar heating can keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This way, your home can become more energy efficient.

New features in your home will also add value to the property if you intend to sell. You can make your home more visually appealing with this extra lighting as well as the picturesque views of the sky. To see our previous work, please visit Gallery of Work.

Prepare for Skylight Maintenance

If you do choose to install skylights on your roof, you must also prepare to maintain this new feature in your home. Skylights will require regular inspections to ensure they do not suffer structural problems, such as a crack in the panel or develop leaks. You can inspect skylights annually during your roofing inspections.

You will also want to keep skylights clean to maximize their aesthetic benefits. Dust them carefully with a long-handled device, and deep clean them at least once a year.

When it snows, you might notice snow covering the skylights. You will need to clear this snow accrual from this part of the roof to prevent ice dams. This snow might melt during the day and then freeze while still on your roof when temperatures fall at night.

The build-up of water can cause structural damage to the skylights and the roof in general. Regular maintenance and extra care after a snowfall will protect your home.

Hire Professionals for Skylight Installation

When installing skylights in your home, hire a professional home improvement contractor for the task. They will evaluate your roof to ensure it can withstand this addition to its structure. And they will know the best location to place the skylights for optimal benefits.

Plus, an expert will understand the proper way to install skylights so that they are insulated correctly. Poor placement may mean you suffer both air and moisture leaks that can lead to further damage to your home. Get an estimate for this job from expert roofing contractors near you today.