Trends in Siding 2023

Does the exterior of your house need an upgrade? Whether you feel unhappy with the appearance of your existing siding or it has suffered damage and requires repair, now may be the perfect time to redesign the outside of your home. With so many design options you can choose from, such as color, style, and material, you might feel overwhelmed with which siding to select for your house.

You can consult with your local contractor or home design expert to find a siding option that suits your aesthetic and functions properly with your unique house. They can also let you know about popular styles other homeowners tend to select, which can make your house seem stylish and gorgeous. Read on to find three modern trends when it comes to siding design for your home’s exterior.

Trends in Siding 2023

Neutral Colors

When it comes to choosing a color for your new siding, you might notice that many people tend to select neutral tones for this part of their houses. While you can try a bolder hue for siding, this often limits your ability to mix up your style in other places, like roofing, window shutters, or doors.

People enjoy this capacity to play with more colorful accents, so neutral colors for siding still make for a popular option today. However, you could try a darker finish in the siding color for a more dramatic appearance in your home. Common beautiful color options include brown, gray, charcoal, and blue.

Wood-Grain Texture

In conjunction with the popular color trend of darker and natural hues in siding, many homeowners want to achieve a similar effect in the material of the siding. Vinyl siding will work well for your home, but if you want to aim for a more rustic finish that looks like woodwork, try fiber cement siding.

This finish will look beautiful, and the more granular texture can add a bold depth to your house’s appearance. Plus, the durable material will function well as a barrier separating the interior of your home from the outdoors. And the eco-friendly product can make you feel satisfied that you are helping to protect the environment.

Vertical Siding

The traditional siding layout involves placing each siding panel horizontally. But vinyl siding is a versatile product that your contractor can also install in a vertical pattern. Switching this placement of your siding will add an exciting, fresh look to your home.

Plus, this application process will not affect your budget, so you can upgrade your style without hurting your wallet. Many homeowners also try mixing vertical and horizontal siding layouts for a modern and exciting look.

Consider vertical siding as an accent to your exterior home layout. If you want to know more about how this type of siding style will impact your house, call your local home improvement expert. They can offer more recommendations about how to style your siding during this project.