Color Options for Your Roof

Sometimes we take the roofing on our homes for granted. It provides an important function in shielding and insulating the interior of a building from external threats, including weather hazards. But roofing also allows an opportunity to express your unique style.

If you intend to replace your roof, you want to select the best materials for the job. But you can also pick shingle colors that suit your aesthetic and make your home look stunning.

A roofing contractor can help you discuss options to find colors that will suit you and your family specifically. Or you can read on to learn more about how you can choose the right color for the roof of your house.

Color Options for Your Roof

Consider the Style of Your Home

As you explore color options for roof shingles, you should consider existing parts of your home. The roofing will complement the rest of your house, so you must think about how the shingles will look as a part of the whole.

You could pursue a contrasting effect, in which the roof color will differ from each other significantly, which is the most common style when it comes to exterior home design. Experts tend to go for light-colored siding paired with dark roof shingles, though the reverse also looks good. The contrast creates a striking, bold effect that looks appealing.

Some people will prefer a monochromatic finish to their home, meaning they choose roof shingles similar in color to their siding. The appearance looks softer and more subtle.

Think about any landscaping, pavement, decks, or other fixtures on your property as well. These play a part in the full appearance of your home. So you should consider how your roof color will look in comparison to these items as well.

Most designers recommend choosing a neutral color for your roofing, especially if you are not sure. Bolder, brighter colors can be fun and attractive if installed properly. But you might worry about how a less common color could impact the home’s resale value. Consult with a home improvement expert for more details.

Roof Color Will Not Influence the Function

You might have heard a rumor that the color of a roof can impact its ability to properly insulate your house. For instance, many people think that a dark-colored roof will absorb and retain sunlight, which can make your home feel hotter.

This is not true. A properly built roof will effectively insulate your house and keep it feeling comfortable in temperature no matter which colors you choose for your shingles. Whether you go with a light or dark color for your roof, you can feel confident in the function of this structure.

Make sure you hire a trusted contractor to install your roof for optimal results. Check out their gallery of previous projects online and view their credentials to select the right company for your project. Call the office of your local exterior home improvement experts at 1.866.607.2851. They can provide you with an expense estimate of their services at no cost to you.