Will Autumn Leaves Hurt My Home?

Fall brings brisker temperatures and encourages people to bundle up. But this change in seasons also signifies leaves on trees changing color and falling. Though this colorful event can be beautiful, the resulting strewn leaves on your property could put your house’s structure in danger.

Leaves can be a nuisance, and many neighborhoods require that you rake them and dispose of them properly each year. They can also pose a safety risk to pedestrians and drivers.

But the different aspects of your house can suffer too if leaves linger into the winter. Read on to find three problems that may occur to the exterior of your house if you do not get rid of fallen leaves this autumn.

roofing protection during fall

3 Risks to Your House from Fallen Leaves

Clog Gutters

When leaves fall from trees, they can spread easily and quickly. You will likely see them covering your entire lawn and property. But do not forget that many leaves will land on your house before they reach the ground.

Your gutters are designed to collect rainwater and runoff and navigate them away from your home. But these gutters also make perfect troughs to gather leaves that can then clump together. The wetness within the gutter will make the leaves get stuck and form a clog.

Clogged gutters will mean water cannot flow as it needs to, and it may leak into the roof or walls of your home as a result. Make sure you check your gutters and clear away any debris that might form a blockage this fall. For more information on how we fulfill gutters and downspouts, see Gutters Annapolis.

If you see any structural problems with your gutters, call a home improvement expert for an evaluation.

Encourage Critter Nesting

Leaves will build up on your property and provide plenty of underbrush to hide rodents, bugs, and other pests. These critters can build nests close to your home in a cluster of leaves. The proximity to your house can mean they could move into the walls or inside your home soon after.

If critters infiltrate your house, they can cause major structural damage to the walls, floors, electrical wiring, and many other parts of your home. Raking these leaves in a timely manner can make these pests less likely to take up residence on your property and harm your house.

Create Moisture Damage on the Roof

When leaves accumulate on the roof, you might not feel worried because they are out of sight to a casual observer. And the weight does not seem heavy enough to hurt the structure of the roof.

But leaves that remain on your roof can capture moisture when it rains, and this retained wetness can seep into the roofing. Moisture can wreak havoc on your roof, and you might need extensive repairs or a replacement to fix this damage.

Save yourself a costly project and get rid of excess leaves on your roof before fall ends. If you cannot get to your roof to remove the leaves, call a contractor to complete this task for you.