Considering a New Storm Door?

The entry door plays a crucial role in welcoming people to your home. You can take pride in its appearance as it also protects you and your loved ones from intruders and weather-related issues.

You can find further protection if you install a storm door on the outside of your entry door. This type of door can offer advantages to your front, back, or side doors if you like. Chesapeake Roofing, a contracting company specializing in exterior home improvement projects, lists three reasons why now is the perfect time to install a new storm door.

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An Ideal Winter Home Improvement Project

Winter can be a tricky time to plan a home improvement project for the exterior of your home. Freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions are not ideal circumstances for contractors to work.

But storm door installation can be a quick process, so you will be less likely to be impacted by surprise winter storms or other issues. You can also benefit from lower costs and less wait time because many clients tend to request home improvement help during warmer weather seasons. Call your local contractor to discuss pricing and timing for this job.

Boost Aesthetic and Material Value in Your Home

You want the entry to your home to look as inviting and beautiful as possible, as it can make a statement about the people who live there. A storm door can add further appeal to your property. You can discuss glass fitting and design options with your contractor so that your new door can suit your unique style.

A storm door can have further advantages to your home’s aesthetic because you can leave your entry door open and allow ventilation in your house without worrying about letting insects or other pests into your space. It also provides more lighting in your home. Storm doors can add value to your property as well if you intend to sell your home in the future.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

A major draw for adding a storm door to your home is the boost in energy efficiency this feature can provide. It creates another layer of protection from external elements, including rain, wind, and snow.

A storm door will also reduce air leaks that may be present in your entry door. By stopping these leaks, you can keep the temperature regulated properly in your home.

This will put less pressure on your HVAC system and cut the costs of your energy bill. This home improvement project can save you money in the long run, especially if you complete the project during the winter, outside of the peak window.

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