What to Expect with Roof Replacement

If your roof is outdated and needs to be replaced, it can be difficult to know what to expect from such a large-scale project. A roofing professional can help you plan and get any necessary paperwork, but what are the details of this kind of home improvement project? Chesapeake Roofing near Severna Park, MD describes the roof replacement process from beginning to end.

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Plan development lasts several weeks

With a big job such as a roof replacement, it will take more than a quick phone call to determine the logistics of project planning. Inspection and initial planning of your roof can take one to three weeks to complete. Depending on the location of the building, you may need a permit to start work on your roof, which can take two to four weeks to obtain. During this time, the contractor will order materials, receive necessary approvals, and finalize the project. The thorough planning will ensure the physical installation can go smoothly, so despite the lengthy process, this is necessary.

Layers of roof installation

Once all approvals are in order, your contractor can begin the roof replacement process. Depending on the state, style, and size of your roof, this can take between one and seven days to finish. The workers will remove your old roofing first and evaluate and replace any of the wood deckings beneath those shingles that require repair. Then, they will layer your roof with sheets that shield it from water and ice that can damage the underlying wooden structure. With these protective layers in place, the contractor can then lay shingles and other materials to complete your roof.

Protecting your property

Before the roof replacement begins, the contractor will have a dumpster delivered to the building to dispose of old roofing and excess materials during the process. They will also lay tarp across your yard and any other exposed areas of your home to ensure your property remains clean. The job site is cleaned every day, but a thorough inspection of loose nails or other hazards should also be completed by the contractor at the completion of the project. The contractors will exercise caution for your property during the job, but it may be a good idea to ensure valuables are kept away from the project site to protect them.

Roofing professionals in Severna Park, MD

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