Four Advantages To Installing A Fiberglass Entry Door

home improvements in crofton marylandIt is inevitable that eventually, you’ll need an entry door replacement. It may be due to becoming warped in the hot and humid weather, the color has faded due to the sun, or you just simply want a new look for the entry of your home.

You may have a solid wood door and you probably have learned how expensive they can be to maintain. Or, if you have a steel entry door, it may be costing you some extra money to heat and cool your home. Chesapeake Roofing, Windows & Siding, Inc., an expert in Crofton, Maryland home improvements, is going to explain the top four advantages of installing a new fiberglass door as your new entry door.

Damage Resistant

  • Fiberglass is one of the strongest materials for your entry door, as they are man-made with several layers of synthetic plastic. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass is not subject to water damage, cracking, rotting, or fading. A fiberglass door is oftentimes more attractive than a steel or solid wood door, and there are many more options to choose from. Not to mention, a fiberglass door is just as capable of preventing an intruder or break-in attempt as a solid wood or steel door.

Energy Efficient

  • Fiberglass doors are much more energy-efficient than a steel or wood door, as they will keep the warm air inside your home on a cool day, and on the opposite, will keep the cool air inside your home on a hot day. A fiberglass door will help keep more trees in the forest, as well as lowering the cost of your door.


  • When you are shopping for a new entry door, you will, of course, begin to see sale prices and warranties. Warranties are necessary to consider when you are purchasing your new entry door. Usually, fiberglass doors have the most attractive warranties that can last decades. Some even offer lifetime warranties. We think you will be even more satisfied with a fiberglass door purchase once you know that your new entry door will be repaired or replaced for free if it does happen to become damaged.

Easy Maintenance

  • Fiberglass is much easier to maintain over both steel and wood doors. Steel doors are prone to rusting and flaking when there is contact with the steel door, be it water or extreme hot and cold temperatures. Solid wood doors are prone to peeling, chipping, and sun fading when exposed to the elements. However, fiberglass does not suffer from any of the above-listed concerns and can be cleaned very easily with a warm cloth, as the smudges will simply just wipe off.

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