Top Benefits Of Adding A Storm Dorm To Your Home

A storm door is a wonderful addition to your home, whether it be a townhome or single-family as there is a wide array of benefits that your entire family could enjoy, even your family pet. We have listed just a few of the benefits that adding a storm door can do for your home.

Added Value

  • Storm doors add value to your home as they are crafted by some of the top manufacturer’s in the world today from wood, aluminum or steel depending on what you would like to use a storm door for.

Energy Savings

  • Since storm doors are typically installed on the front entryway of your home, they will serve as an additional barrier to keep the heat and air condition inside your home and hot or cold air from mother nature on the outside of your home.

Additional Security

  • Just like how the storm door provides an additional barrier against the elements, storm doors are often equipped with locks that will give an additional level of security to the entry of your home.

Fresh Air

  • Most storm doors can come with fiberglass or screens. Easily swapped between glass and screen makes it very nice in the spring or the fall during a nice today to let some fresh air in without lettings in the bugs. Even the household pet will enjoy both the glass and screen options as lots of pets like to sit in from of a storm door and look outside on a beautiful day.

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