Let Chesapeake Roofing Help Replace Your Low Pitch Roofing

Let Chesapeake Roofing Help Replace Your Low Pitch RoofingWhen choosing roofing materials, you might think you can choose from any material on the market: asphalt, composite, metal, wood shake, rubber, and MSR rolled roofing. Many homeowners imagine that the choice of roofing is purely an aesthetic or economic ie that you pick your roofing material based solely on what you like or what you can afford.

This is not true, however. There are many factors that play into which roofing materials you can use, and one make-or-break factor is the slope of your roof, known as roof pitch. You may think you want classic composite shingles on your roof, but if the pitch is below a certain ratio, you may have to choose a different type of roofing—perhaps rolled roofing or standing seam-metal roofing.

If a portion of your home has a low slope roof, you want to find roofing that matches the rest of your home. Chesapeake Roofing, Windows, & Siding offers a variety of high quality products for low pitch roofs. Our team of skilled professionals can help match your low pitch roof with the rest of your roof for the most seamless look possible.

Roofs with less than a 2:12 pitch need special roofing. Chesapeake Roofing’s team of professionals know how to properly install pitched roofing for the best results. Proper installation and roof materials are essential for proper draining, ensuring your roof holds up in snow and ice.

We use high-quality materials for low-pitch roofs. Our roofing for sloped roofs offers durable water and weather protection. Certain Teed is the most popular choice in shingle roofing and can be used to coordinate with the rest of your roof for a seamless look.

Are you looking to replace your sloped roof? If you’re in Delaware, Northern Virginia or Maryland, contact Chesapeake Roofing, based in Crofton MD, to learn more about roofing options. Call 1-866-607-2851 or contact us online to schedule or free estimate today. A new roof will not only improve the resale value of your home but it will also keep you warm and dry all year long!