Insulate Your Attic This Winter

If you have an older house, you might notice that the attic does not have insulation. This refers to a padded layer of material laid over the walls and roof of the attic. The foam-like padding provides a barrier between the thinner structure of your home and the outdoors.

Nowadays, attic insulation is a typical feature. But if your home is missing this extra protection, you could face dire consequences. Contact a home improvement expert to see how adding this insulation can benefit you. And read on to find two of many ways that installing insulation in your attic can enhance your home.

benefits of attic insulation

Benefits of Adding Attic Insulation

Prevent Moisture Damage to Your Home

A good roof over your head will keep your home safe from adverse weather like rain and snow. But moisture can pose a serious threat to the structure of your house if you do not have the proper protection in place.

As you heat or cool your home to a comfortable indoor temperature, this will contrast with the outdoor air. When the air of these differing temperatures meet, condensation can develop and leave water droplets in an unprotected roof.

Insulation in the attic will stop these two different air flows from meeting so that you can worry less about this moisture developing and then harming your home. The insulation will also prevent the formation of ice dams.

An ice dam refers to snow melting on your roof’s shingles that have warmed from the air in your home. The snow can then refreeze in the eaves of your roof, creating an ice dam.

This dam can damage your shingles and your gutters over time, so you will want to prevent this issue if you can. Attic insulation can help to stop this melting and refreezing process.

Improve Energy Efficiency

You might notice that without attic insulation, there seems to be a vast temperature discrepancy between the top floor of your home and the rest of your house. This occurs because air can more easily flow without this protective layer in the attic. So the indoor air in your home can escape and allow outdoor air to impact the temperature of your house.

This can cause your HVAC system to work harder to try to regulate the temperature of your home. And you might see a higher cost on your energy bill as a result. You can save money, feel more comfortable at home, and help the environment by adding insulation in the attic.

This padding will stop indoor and outdoor air from mingling as well as escaping. Then your HVAC system will have less trouble keeping the home at the regulated temperature. And you will not see a sharp spike in your utility bill any longer.

As a bonus, installing insulation in the attic will improve the property value of your home. To get this job done right, call your local home improvement company about this project.