Look Out for These Common Roof Problems

Being exposed to the elements, roofs can encounter a whole host of problems. These problems become worse if your roof was placed or repaired by an inexperienced contractor. Chesapeake Roofing, Windows, and Siding, Inc. is a quality roofing contractor in Annapolis, MD. Here are some common roof problems you may encounter that we can help you out with.roofing contractor annapolis, maryland

Standing Water and Leaks

If you have divots or uneven patches on your roof where water can pool, there’s a solid chance that it’ll make its way into your house over time. Lifted shingles and other problems can provide an entryway into your house for water as well. Even the most quality shingle roofing can eventually cause problems. Plus, when moisture gets into your home, it brings mold and mildew with it, not just water.

Make sure you have proper metal flashing and quality gutters to ensure your roof has the proper drainage. Check your roof after particularly bad weather and see if you notice any lifted shingles or water pooling. The sooner you get these things fixed, the fewer problems you’ll have inside your home.

Holes and Bad Repairs

Particularly after high winds, you may get small holes in your roof due to debris. Holes are prime targets for rain, wind, and small animals to get into your house. Even a small hole also can impact your energy costs. The cool air from air conditioning and heat during the winter seasons can escape through the hole, causing the HVAC systems to work overtime trying to compensate.

When you have a hole or another problem with your roof, you don’t just want a quick patch job. Many people consider themselves DIY wizards, but a roof isn’t something you want to take a chance on. Roofs are things that need to be good for the long haul. As an experienced Annapolis, Maryland roofing contractor, we can do an examination to see if a roof repair or roof replacement is better for your needs.

Shrinking and Splitting

Especially if you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, the temperature changes impact the entire structure of your home. When it’s colder, your house contracts. Your roof has to be done by an experienced contractor that knows how to prepare it for shrinking. If it isn’t, shingles can break and fall off your roof.

Similarly, when it warms up, your shingles expand. There has to be enough room on your roof for all of them to fit and not run into each other during the hotter months. If they’re hitting each other, they’re likely to split and bend. Examine the shingle structure on your roof. They should be close together, but leave room for expansion in the summer.

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