Common Siding Problems to Watch For

Siding performs many duties for the outside of your home. It’s aesthetically pleasing and brings the theme of the house together while providing protection for the walls of your home. But being outside in the elements for years on end can impact any type of siding. Chesapeake Roofing, Windows, and Siding, Inc., a provider of siding in Annapolis, MD, highlights some things to watch out for.vinyl siding in annapolis, maryland


Vinyl siding is out in the sun all day. Particularly on sides where the sun hits the most often, fading is bound to happen. While this isn’t a direct harmful issue, it does impact the value of your home and how pleasing it is to look at. But fading isn’t just a cosmetic issue. If it’s let go long enough, it can lead to cracks forming.


There are a variety of reasons why your siding can crack. If there’s extreme weather, the siding can crack due to contraction and expansion. It can also be something as simple as your lawnmower kicking up a rock into the siding. Even if it’s a small crack, it’s something important to repair. Moisture can get into this area and mold can form.

Warping or Buckling

This is a common issue with vinyl siding, especially if it wasn’t applied to the home properly. Wood siding is something that should be applied tightly to the house. But vinyl siding needs to be fastened in a way that allows for some movement when the siding expands and contracts with the weather and temperature. If it doesn’t have this room, it’ll be prone to warping.


This is another issue that can be caused by improper installation of siding. When siding is being applied, waterproof barriers are used. These are extremely important to protect the walls of your house. Barriers protect the siding from the elements and also give some room for expansion and contraction.

When moisture is able to penetrate your siding, it’s a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The longer it’s exposed to moisture, the more issues that arise. Rotting will take place and can destroy both the inside and outside of your siding.

Getting New Siding in Annapolis, Maryland

If you’re considering new siding, you want to make sure you go with someone that’s going to apply the siding properly. Proper installation can help you avoid many of these issues in the future. Call us today or contact us online for a free estimate!