What to Know About Gutter Replacement

Gutters refer to metal-based trays secured to the bottom edge of your roofing. They collect rainwater that runs off your roof and channel it away from your home and its foundation.

A great amount of deterioration in the structure of a house can come from moisture damage. So gutters play a crucial role in ensuring your house remains structurally sound and intact.

Gutters usually last for about 20 years before requiring replacement. But gutters might need replacement sooner without proper cleaning and maintenance. For instance, you should regularly clear out leaves and debris that may clog a gutter system.

When it is time for new gutters, you can feel more confident installing them with help from a local contractor when you know more about the process. Read on to learn about the risks of deteriorated gutters and what happens when home improvement professionals replace them.

What to Know About Gutter Replacement

Dangers of Damaged Gutters

Do you have broken, leaking, sagging, or otherwise damaged gutters? Without clean, structurally sound gutters, water cannot travel away from your home properly. This can allow rainwater to seep into your roof, siding, or the underlying foundation of your house.

When this occurs, moisture can eat away at and rot wooden framework. You might also see mold growth that can make your house look weathered while emitting foul odors and stains.

This type of damage to a building can require extensive repair work, so you should address risk factors right away. This means replacing damaged gutters in a timely fashion.

Repairing vs Replacing Gutters

If you spot damage to your gutters, you may wonder if you need to replace the entire gutter system or just patch the dysfunctional area. In most cases, it will prove more beneficial in the long run to maintain a uniform gutter system and replace it.

However, you can get away with repairing your gutters rather than replacing them in cases of minor damage. You can patch the damage if you see only a small crack, hole, or leak in a couple gutter sections. Similarly, if you see some loose hangers, you can screw them back into place and fix the issue.

If hangers continually become loose, the gutters sag or buckle, or they appear riddled with holes, you likely need to replace your gutters. If you feel unsure about how to handle a problem with your gutters, call a local home improvement contractor for an inspection. They can also provide you with a cost estimate of the job for free.

What to Expect from Professional Gutter Replacement

When you hire a professional to install new gutters, the process usually takes just one day. Plus, you can feel confident in long-lasting and durable results from your new gutters due to skilled home improvement experts handling the process.

The contractor will analyze the existing condition of the gutter system, remove the old gutters, measure your home, prepare the materials, secure the new gutters to the roof, and install a downspout to efficiently navigate water away from the building. If you want to know more about the gutter services from your local contractor, call Chesapeake Roofing today.