Tips for Deck Maintenance

Warm, sunny weather will make you want to use your deck this summer. But if this outdoor structure looks messy or ill-kempt, the deck will feel less inviting for you, other residents in your home, or guests. And if you leave your deck unmaintained for extended periods of time, it could become unsound and unsafe.

Get the most out of your deck by taking care of this part of your home. You will need to perform routine maintenance on your deck in order for it to look and feel as well as possible for as long as possible. Read on to find advice from your local exterior home improvement expert to maximize the lifespan of your deck.

Tips for Deck Maintenance

Clean Your Deck Regularly

The open space on your deck makes for a perfect area to entertain or lounge while appreciating beautiful summer weather. But this means that the deck is always exposed to outdoor elements. It can easily accrue dirt and grime or collect debris that wind will blow onto your property.

Sweep away leaves, branches, and dirt on a regular basis when you see them. At least once a year, you should perform a thorough cleaning of this structure with a power washer. This will spray away stubborn grime that might otherwise detract from the beautiful appearance of the wood on the deck.

Cleaning the deck this way will also ensure that grime and dirt do not penetrate deep into the wood to hurt the structure itself. You can extend the lifespan of your deck and save money on repairs by sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for your deck.

Repair Damage Promptly

Over time, weather damage and other wear and tear might damage your deck. When you see issues with the structure of your deck, do not delay repairing them. Even small cracks in wood panels or slightly loose nails in the boards could pose a safety risk for anyone on the deck.

The damage can also worsen over time, with wood splitting and loosening. If you do not fix small issues in the deck promptly, you could see more extensive and costly repair work needed later. Consult with a contractor as soon as you can for an estimate for any necessary repair jobs.

Consider Sealing or Staining the Wood

When you install the wood boards of your deck, you want to make sure you protect these crucial parts of the structure. You might already have a wood stain or sealant on the deck to add a protective layer to the deck. A stain absorbs into the grains of the wood. And a sealant will create more protection than that, building a layer against external elements that otherwise threaten the wood.

Then the wood can last longer without water damage or other structural concerns. You should ideally reapply a sealant to your deck once a year to ensure it remains safe from outdoor variables. Ask a home improvement expert for more maintenance tips that can benefit your deck.