Calculating a Roofing Estimate

If you are unsure if you need work done on your roof, you call your local contractor to review this part of your home. At the end of the inspection, they can give you an approximate outline of the anticipated costs of the project. This is called an estimate.

A trusted contractor will provide you with an estimate that is accurate and detailed. This way, you can understand the parameters of the project as soon as possible. But you may feel more comfortable about signing a contract when you know what a contracting company thinks about when they calculate these costs. Read on to learn how home improvement contractors develop an estimate before starting a roofing project.

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Factors for Roofing Project Costs

Existing Condition of Your Roof

The current state of your roof will play a major role in the cost of the project. Its condition affects what type of work is needed to improve or restore your home. For instance, minor issues on an otherwise sturdy and strong roof might need roof repair services. This is a smaller-scale job that will not accrue a large cost.

An older or severely damaged roof might require a replacement. And this will require the entire roof to be removed and reinstalled with new materials. This will take a longer amount of time and need more tools and materials than a repair project. In this case, you can anticipate a higher cost for an estimate.

Size and Shape of Your Roof

The roof itself will impact the estimate for the roofing job as well. The size and shape of the roof can alter the parameters of a project. It may lead to an increase or decrease in the final cost of the job.

If you have a larger roof, this will cost more time and money to replace than a smaller one. Similarly, a higher slope in your roof will need more shingles and more other materials like nails, so you can anticipate a project to cost more than a roof with a low slope. This principle applies to irregularly shaped roofs as well compared to a lower anticipated cost with a flatter-shaped roof.

Necessary Materials

As mentioned, the number of materials needed for a repair or replacement job on your roof will affect the estimate. But the types of materials will also play a role in the final cost of the project.

Shingles made from asphalt, for example, will cost less than if you choose to use shingles made out of metal or slate. If you intend to replace your roof from scratch, you might have more of a choice in which types of shingles to lay.

But repairing a roof may mean you must select a specific shingle material for the project to match the existing roof. The end result may mean a higher cost in this case. You can discuss which options will work best with your unique roof without upending your budget when you consult with your contractor.