All About Bay Windows

If your windows are drafty, ill-fitting, or outdated, you could be due to replace them. This creates an ideal opportunity to redesign your house by installing bay windows.

This style of windows is both classic and trendy and comes with additional benefits for your home. Chesapeake Roofing, an exterior home improvement contracting company in Severna Park, MD, provides additional information about bay windows.

bay window installation in Severna Park Maryland

Traditional Design with Modern Flair

The bay window gets its name from its structure, which resembles the water inlet’s shape. The fixture features three or more windows: two sides that protrude to the exterior of a wall connected by horizontal windows.

The design traces back to the European Renaissance, but the bay window remains in fashion today. The angles that accompany this style are visually appealing and provide additional exterior views. This type of window adds elegance and flair to a home without raising concerns about participating in a fad that could fall out of trend. For more information on our window replacement services, see Windows Annapolis.

Benefits for Your Home

Bay windows look beautiful in their own right, but they can add further benefits to your home. More windows let more light into a room, brightening your home with natural sunlight.

When opened, bay windows also allow more air circulation in a room. The variance in angles with these windows can help with your home’s ventilation. The extra space added to the room creates an opportunity to contribute more of your personal style. The area could be transfigured into a nook, you could emphasize the windows with curtains or drapes, or you could place a desk or chairs for an appealing study space.

Factors to Consider

If you are intrigued by the idea of adding a bay window to your home, you should consider the following factors before investing in this project. The process is more extensive than a typical window replacement, as contractors will have to expand upon your home.

This additional space improves the resale value of your home, but the installation could be expensive. The extension of the windows could also reduce wall space that could be used for other functions.

Replace Your Windows in Severna Park, MD

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