Is It Time To Replace Your Gutters?

Is It Time To Replace Your Annapolis MD Gutters? Your gutters are meant to last many years. However, through years of wear and tear, your gutters may need to be replaced sooner than later. Like many parts of your house, your gutters also need maintenance to continue to run efficiently. When regular maintenance is not performed, your gutters may begin to suffer. Not sure when it’s time to get your gutters replaced? Keep reading to learn the tell-tale signs it may be time to get your gutters replaced.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Gutters

  • Be aware of cracks in your gutters. Cracks in your gutters affect the drainage systems. No matter the size of the crack, it is important to get a professional to check out the damage to determine if you need to have your gutters replaced.
  • Gutters pull away from your home. If your gutters keep pulling away from your home, you should probably have them replaced.
  • Water damage near the gutters. If you notice water damage near the gutters that may mean your gutters are damaged or overflow when it rains. You may want to consider replacing them to avoid more damage to your home.
  • You notice mold or mildew in the basement. Your gutters may not have proper drainage which can lead to a strong mildew smell or mold accumulation in the basement.
  • Gutters separate from one another. In order for your gutter to operate efficiently, they need to be attached to your home. If your gutter begins to pull away from each other, you may need to replace your gutter system.

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